I’m making preparations to leave for Siel soon, and as I open up my friend list, I still can’t help to really shed tears over the memories and bonds I’ve forged with these people over the years.

Lilpunk and Bigdade are probably the oldest names on the list. Most of these people have since quit or transferred out of Tiamat already. I have almost nobody left to hold me back on Tiamat anymore (being the shitty place it has now become).

Tizzy is probably going to give me hell for this decision :/

But yeah I stress that I’m leaving Tiamat partly because of loneliness, plus I have more people playing in the same time zone as me over there (having leveled my gunner there from scratch). Clerics are also in massive demand over there.

It’s been a long road since Yustiel > Vaizel > Tiamat, but time to choose between the fork in the road again.

(I’ll also miss some of the lovely elyos on Tiamat like Vocifera and Avinalaf, there’s probably more on the list I’ve missed out)

  1. v-v1 said: aaaaaaaaah ;; and tiamat loses another awesome part of its community ~ you will be missed souk.
  2. sodipop said: Welcome to Siel. :D
  3. sweetzerlandia said: *open arms* Welcome to Siel! A tacklehug will be waiting for you! *moar hugs* I hope you are happy here :)
  4. araiia said: ._. +1 to the armies of Siel. I hope the transfer works out for you.
  5. lilithnightmare said: Welcome !! :D
  6. snow-in-hide said: :’(
  7. 666badmoon said: Welcome to Siel btw.
  8. riihtx3 said: :<
  9. falcy said: I’m envious you get to transfer to Siel. I wanna take my Elyos over there just to fight Siel Asmos :p
  10. eruzah said: Let’s be best frands :3
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