…I’m so happy that I can have a real battle with my own child. But, a battle is a battle! I will do everything in my power as a Gym Leader to win.

My favourite gym leader from Hoenn, I’m really glad they gave him the “gym teacher” look! This was really enjoyable to draw except I may have gone overboard with blending colours (like turning his hair into a shade of purple) >_>

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Who here remembers?

I remember waking up, making breakfast and waiting for Aion to load. I’d be in the kitchen and hear that opening chorus of female voices and feel instantly uplifted. <3

Whoah. I had totally forgotten about this, but it all came right back. I miss this so much.

I remember queues :-)

dem nostalgic feelings whoa

Without the “Ahhhhhhhhhh” choir, I’m glad that’s still the BGM for Pandemonium.

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New art for Professor Birch, Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson, Flannery, Norman, Sidney, Phoebe, and Steven.

Time to get busy with teh fanart!

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art, mass production, and you


I think one of the most fundamental misapprehensions people have about the value of commissions is that no one really gets told how mass production defrays costs to the consumer. So, when they see the prices for custom artwork online, they expect the retail prices they see in stores, and it doesn’t work like that.

You go to the poster section at wal-mart. There’s an amazing poster there. It’s got dragons. It’s got wizards. It’s huge. It’s, what, 12 bucks? Awesome, good deal. You can afford that. It’s as much as three or four cheeseburgers, dang, that’s some serious amounts of art. 

You go on the internet. Some asshole wants 12 bucks for a crappy sketch of one character sort of standing there. What the fuck? It looks like crap. It’s nothing compared to the poster you just bought from a store. If that dragon poster is worth 12 bucks, this dumbass sketch should be one buck. Maybe fifty cents. That’s if you’re being generous. You don’t even get a print, it’s just going to be a file on your computer, it’s not even actually real! What a rip off.

The thing is, that sketch took an hour, or two hours, or maybe even four hours. The artist drew it for a fraction of minimum wage. Drawing is hard. It took thousands of hours and a really special kind of dedicated self loathing to learn to do that. It might have taken thousands of bucks of tuition money, which means semesters, which means years of early mornings and late nights and maybe even some crying here and there.

Your dragon poster was not made by a guy who got paid 12 bucks. Your awesome dragon poster was made by a guy who got paid hundreds of bucks. Maybe thousands. Because a company paid him, and then turned around and made even more thousands of dollars off that artwork, by selling instances of it to multiple people, 12 bucks at a time. It’s called mass production, and it leaves the general public with no real clue as to the sheer amount of time and effort and skill that goes into every single thing they can buy for the price of a couple cheeseburgers. 

Artists who work on commission don’t generally have the advantage of mass production. Every picture is made new and custom for each client. Instead of charging the hundreds of dollars an hour a professional artist could ask for from a company, we’re asking for just enough to get by, and sometimes a hell of a lot less than that. Because it’s what people will pay, because it’s what they think art is worth, because it’s what a lot of young, naive, desperate artists are willing to agree their art is worth, and because there’s always going to be some kid who thinks they’re being ripped off because they don’t really get what they’re being asked to pay for.

I should have some pithy and clever thing to say here to wrap it up but all I can think to say is basically the whole situation is sad and scary and I hope eventually we’ll all have a better way to deal with each other, and everyone will be a lot clearer on what it takes to do art and to get art. 


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Finally done with this! I love the new Team Nerd and Team Bara designs


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I re-did Qol’s doodle of our toons in my (embarrassing) version.

Still terrible at drawing females, even if this was a doodle. And yes I drew only one of her antlers on purpose.

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[ x ]

Porn needs to be tagged #jizz

(check here for event details)

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What started as a simple legion announcement by Sam escalated really quickly with the minds of us pervs:

Tom Shaving Contest, starts Sun

Lineart by me, Colours by Qol (I coloured the second one although Qol’s version is so much better!)

Character rights go to Tom 

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Aion 4.7 - Other-worldly Hualong’s Weapons

Uploaded by cristal0

New weapons as part of Korea’s current event, 9th July - 30th July.

More details here

The Cypherblade is definitely the best, it’s a fucking Power Ranger’s Dragon Megazord!!!

It’s what Raksang weapons should have been :s

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New event in Korea.

Event duration: 9th July - 30th July.

Winners Announced: 6th August

Main Event Description:

Simple, top 50 GP earners during the entire event get a weapon box for these new weapons (that flaming piece of shit the templars using in the video - no idea on stats). Rankings updated 2pm server time each day.



Above Gif of the bow.

These weapon boxes apparently do drop in game in katalam/danaria/idian depths. Whether it is specific mobs I do not know, but mythic and eternal weapon boxes drop from these areas during this event.

Side Event Description:

Some bullshit quiz each day, 1 question per day. Rewarded at the end of event with some not very exciting rewards. Different tiers of reward, the top one for getting all 21 right is 3 temporal stones.

Some other bullshit, 100 people taken at random that have aquired weapons from drops in game get a coupon for a free starbucks caramel frappucino or some shit.

The event prizes are not very exciting event at all, I just wanted to post the video as it looks like it would have been something much more thrilling before I read the description. Forcing players to not really do anything special but try harder at gaining GP, thrilling I know. I want to see all of the weapons and stats though although I hear statwise they’re not amazing just more for skins :(

NC probably has to do checks to see what’s least popular on their activity rankings, remember when Sauro Supply Base was dead?

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what do you mean by evolved ?

Hi there, hope this post enlightens you. I probably have to redo the post as well, as there has been plenty of new information the post missed out.

Gladiator with the evolved Hyperion PA, combined with the evolved Eclipse PA (in case you folks didn’t know, the evolved Hyperion series changes the weapon’s hue from red to brown). The following stats are unbuffed:

- 1308 Attack

- 3159 Accuracy

- 1102 Crit Strike

(this gladiator has Slaughter toggle switched on, not that it matters too much; but their MA is at 1638)

I don’t play a gladiator, but according to a friend, these stats are pretty terrifying to face against.

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OC Redraw - Bloop

I’m slowly inching towards NSFW, if it bothers anyone please lemme know.

OC Redraw - Bloop

I’m slowly inching towards NSFW, if it bothers anyone please lemme know.

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Taking my new fetish for a spin.

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Not a PVP video, but something impressive worth noting. A Korean player teaching sins how to solo a portion of EB, mainly the supplies part (and thus freeing up the responsibilities of the other members, allowing them to help out 6 man or defense).

Who knew you could glitch Ambush through gates?

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